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    Presented by Jason Eli & friends, the Groovadelica brings you the best in music, interviews with DJ's, artists and influential voices on the soulful vibes we love, past present and future. We've covered classic bands like Loose Ends & Earth, Wind & Fire, musical movements like Disco and much more. Click on the subscribe link below and get the show regularly delivered to your mobile device for free.

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    An Interview With Jason Eli (Groovadelica's founder) - by Zac Pullen (New City Bridge Club)

    Jason, what is Groovadelica?

    Groovadelica is a record label, club event, podcast and a source of information and inspiration for lovers of soul stirring music. Be it Latin, Soul, House, Garage, Disco, Funk, Reggae or whatever makes you groove. We broadcast, release, produce and promote music and parties that have a soulful sound with soulful people!


    Why Have You Guys Been So Quiet Lately?

    Good question! We’ve been dormant as a club event for about four years due to family and music making commitments. Groovadelica is also a record label and both Karl (who put together the Groovadelic Orchestra) & I have been writing and producing music for upcoming artists. Putting on the live event was a load of fun but it was also a drain on our time, energy and finances, so after putting on 15 amazing parties, we put the club event on the back burner.


    So why bring the Groovadelica party back?


    First of all – people have just kept asking me to bring it back! Also, the time off gave us time to reflect on what we’ve created over the last 10 years with the Groovadelica parties. Both Karl and I kind of feel there’s not enough great live soulful events in Auckland right now that attract a truly multi cultural, open minded audience. I grew up in London going to The Notting Hill Carnival every year as a kid and Groovadelica’s parties aim to reflect that vibe of openeness, energy and smiling people from all walks of life getting down to soulful tunes. Karl is one of NZ’s funkiest & forward thinking musicians and we wanted to offer more than the standard 3 DJ’s playing all night, hence the live band being put together. There’s a different energy when a live band plays and that’s a major part of what we do at the parties. Having said that, I love the energy and flow that a good DJ can bring to a party, so we try to get a balance of live music and DJ’s.


    Who’s In The Groovadelic Orchestra and what do they sound like?

    It’s like a very soulful version of the United Nations! We’ve got Perry (percussion) from Peru, Malcum Lakatani (guitar) from Neue, Semi Leo (bass) and Lance Bentley (drums) from Samoa, Cherie Mathieson of Sola Rosa (vocals) from South Africa, Misha (sax) from Russia and the main man Karl Benton (keyboard player & music director) from south Auckland!

    Sound wise, the band (and the DJ’s music) is a reflection of mine and Karl’s tastes in music as well as the band members. You’ll hear threads of Latin, Soul, Funk, House, Broken Beat, Jazz, Disco & Hip-Hop





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